Show ‘N’ Shine

Show off your Electric Vehicle

The EV Expo caters for all sorts of vehicles, New School and Old School.

Old School will take us back to our roots of Electric vehicles, discover the original electric vehicles pushing the boundaries for their day.

New School is the here an now of Late Model Tesla’s, Toyota’s and BMW’s. More displaying what 1980 and on vehicles have to offer.

The trophy categories as you’ll see have opened up the opportunities for more vehicles to take away a trophy. We have added a limit to one trophy per car.

Bring your electric vehicle to the expo to show off its bling, put your vehicle in the running to win great prizes and talk to fellow like-minded owners.


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Vehicles are scored on:

Top Add-ons Top Interior
Top Vehicle Range Most junk in the trunk
Best Wheels Top Hi-Tech
Top Paint Promoters Choice

*Classes may be changed depending on entrant numbers