Main stream

EV101 Breakfast

MOV3MENT will run through the basics of EVs over breakfast – specifically focused at those early in EV knowledge journey.

Welcome address

Official Welcome to the Conference and the Event.

Key note: How the EV landscape is changing here and around the world

A wide ranging address placing Australia in the global EV landscape, providing a foundation for the day.

Availability is the #1 barrier: how do we solve it?

Buying an EV in Australia is a tough act for fleets and individuals. Long wait lists, models offered overseas but not here and even some regional dealers not being able to sell EVs, all factor into the issue. This panel will explore ways Australia can secure more vehicles for a ravenous market.

Government’s role in the transition to EV

A panel of Australia’s key leaders will discuss where Governments are best place to support a transition and explore why it is so important.

Funding opportunities

A mix of Government funding agencies will outline their plans to support Zero emissions technologies. As this space is so dynamic, the latest programs will be explored.

Exploring NZ feebate program

An NZ expert will outline the successful approach that has been launched just over the ditch.

Manufacturing EVs in Australia

A panel including those forging the burgeoning Australian EV manufacturing sector.

Battery safety and fire response

A panel of Australia’s premier EV fire experts will explore the real world data, issues, response techniques related to EV fires. The panel will include active emergency services staff.

Do EVs need maintenance & are we ready to fix them?

A mixed forum of repairers, training providers and users discuss the maintenance aspect of EVs

V2G lightning round

A Vehicle-to-Grid expert will give a rapid introduction to the technology everyone is talking about.

Maximising the sustainability benefits EVs?

A group of well versed experts will explore how users can optimise EV use for maximum sustainability and emissions reduction return

Making destinations EV friendly

Guiding those operating destinations on how they can benefit (and grow their business) by supporting EV users.

What do future EV technologies hold?

A clutch of EV futurists explore those technologies that are just over the horizon.

Specialist streams

EVs as part of the fleets sustainability journey

EV consultancy MOV3MENT will draw from many fleet transition projects it has conducted to layout the typical journey fleets face to EVs as part of their sustainability efforts.

Heavy vehicles – where they work now and in the future

Heavy vehicles operate in many different ways and this impacts their transition to zero emissions technology. The industry’s leaders explore the applications in which we will see the initial switch and why.

Charging best practice for fleets

Charging is often the greatest concern for fleets in an EV transition, this panel will explore some of the pitfalls and best practice to navigate the space.

When is the right time to switch to EVs?

We hear from a number of fleets who share their experiences from the various stages of their transition experience

Financing fleet EVs

Our panel of industry specialists explore finance solutions for EV covering business purchases and novated leases for employees.

Light Commercials: the tipping point segments

The panel will look to the huge light commercial segment, when we will see EV models, where they will work and may not and of course when we will see them.

Which segments will electrify first?

A wide ranging discussion on the segments and applications we will likely see EVs and why.

Public Charging how much is enough and how quick?

Infrastructure is often cited as a major barrier to EV but others say we have enough for now. How much is enough and how quickly should public charging be installed, and where?

Charging & the building code: update & impacts

Charging usually happens at home for most EV drivers but that’s often a challenge in apartments and with bodies corporate. We hear from industry leaders on the progress with building code regulations and how it will support the transition.


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